Friday, October 25, 2013

Sephora x KL

Hey loves, I know I promised to update my blog more frequently but SPM is in 2 weeks and I really need to focus so I might not be able to blog until exam ends! This might be the very last post I'll be updating until SPM ends (3rd December). But I promise to come up with loads of interesting posts when exams ended!

Went to KL with my sister, Jane for shopping yesterday. It's been forever since I last went there! Was planning on getting myself a new lipstick from Sephora and shop along in Pavillion. And guess what? WE BUMPED INTO CHUCKEI, AGAIN! 

What made me really happy was that she actually remembered who we are, how amazing is that! I swear I couldn't be any happier at that moment, my day was totally made!

Both of them sharing the same name, Jane and Jane lol!

Got myself a dark purple lipstick named Sephora Rouge and I'm srsly in love with it! It's my very first time trying out darker colours and this is definitely the one that I've always wanted!

The colour totally brings out the grungy feeling in me, extra loves for it!

Here's my outfit of the day x

YinYang Crop Top - @Hotannecold (Instagram)
Denim Shorts - DIY
Camouflage Jacket - Available in @Hotannecold (Instagram)
Accessories - Diva Accessories, Lovisa 
Combat Boots - i-Socks


I'm currently running an online boutique on Instagram (@hotannecold), bringing in cool stuffs and apparels with the theme of grunge, punk and hipster. As you can see I'm really into these styles, so I'm definitely sharing it with all of you! So do me a favour and follow @hotannecold on Instagram alright? xx

Received my Yinyang Tank Top yesterday and I couldn't wait to style with it! The quality was really good, it was kinda short so I paired it with my DIY high waist shorts instead of a skater skirt, which I usually do. Tying a jacket on the waist as usual bc I just can't resist doing that, plus it makes the whole look less simple. 

Here's a tip for my lovely readers, put on a pair of black sheer tights 
and it'll make your legs look slimmer 

Anyway, that's all for today's post.
Thank you for reading, I'll be back really soon!


  1. Love your outfit!!
    omg the purple lipstick works on you nicely XD
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xx Charmaine

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