Friday, October 25, 2013

Sephora x KL

Hey loves, I know I promised to update my blog more frequently but SPM is in 2 weeks and I really need to focus so I might not be able to blog until exam ends! This might be the very last post I'll be updating until SPM ends (3rd December). But I promise to come up with loads of interesting posts when exams ended!

Went to KL with my sister, Jane for shopping yesterday. It's been forever since I last went there! Was planning on getting myself a new lipstick from Sephora and shop along in Pavillion. And guess what? WE BUMPED INTO CHUCKEI, AGAIN! 

What made me really happy was that she actually remembered who we are, how amazing is that! I swear I couldn't be any happier at that moment, my day was totally made!

Both of them sharing the same name, Jane and Jane lol!

Got myself a dark purple lipstick named Sephora Rouge and I'm srsly in love with it! It's my very first time trying out darker colours and this is definitely the one that I've always wanted!

The colour totally brings out the grungy feeling in me, extra loves for it!

Here's my outfit of the day x

YinYang Crop Top - @Hotannecold (Instagram)
Denim Shorts - DIY
Camouflage Jacket - Available in @Hotannecold (Instagram)
Accessories - Diva Accessories, Lovisa 
Combat Boots - i-Socks


I'm currently running an online boutique on Instagram (@hotannecold), bringing in cool stuffs and apparels with the theme of grunge, punk and hipster. As you can see I'm really into these styles, so I'm definitely sharing it with all of you! So do me a favour and follow @hotannecold on Instagram alright? xx

Received my Yinyang Tank Top yesterday and I couldn't wait to style with it! The quality was really good, it was kinda short so I paired it with my DIY high waist shorts instead of a skater skirt, which I usually do. Tying a jacket on the waist as usual bc I just can't resist doing that, plus it makes the whole look less simple. 

Here's a tip for my lovely readers, put on a pair of black sheer tights 
and it'll make your legs look slimmer 

Anyway, that's all for today's post.
Thank you for reading, I'll be back really soon!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

ChurpOut 2013

 Hey loves, I'm back! Have been trying so hard to update my blog more often but I hardly have the chance to go out. :( 
Attended Churp Out 2013 @ Setia City Park yesterday and I really enjoyed my day! ChurpOut is an event organized by ChurpChurp. There are Marketplaces, Streetfair, Techzone and Centrestage! Its an event where fashion, food, art, games, films, music, charity and the social media are involved!

Wall of fame? ;P

They are currently promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which I am really excited for! Make sure you catch the movie in cinemas on 22 November 2013!

 The setup for the Marketplace! The weather was a combination of sunny, windy and rainy on that day :S

In case you're wondering, this is the place for bungee jumping! Too bad I was wearing a skirt. :(

 Fashion Icon Pre-loved Charity Sale, Fashion blogshops are all here!

Went to pay Melissa's, Lumi's and Jessica's booth a visit! It was my first time meeting them, super friendly and pretty haha! And of course, love their style and their hair!

 From the left: Melissa, Lumi, (Me) and Jessica!

 What caught my eye is Jessica's colourful dipdye, super catchy and vibrant! Check out her blog here!

 Lumi looking cute in her outfit, and her jelly boots! Love her hair too! Click here for her blog!

 Melisa rocking her outfit! Jealous of her height :( Check out her blog here!

And guys!!! Guess who I bumped into at ChurpOut? IT'S STELLA!

 You're probably not Malaysian if you don't know who she is! (loljk) She looks exactly like her pictures, damn gorgeous!

 Stella and Desmond looking cute as ever, lovely couple!

 Look who's here? It's Brian See and Spellman Choy, both famous blogger and fashionista with super cool hair! I look so tiny around them lol.

 Guess I finally found someone who likes the Shirt On Waist trend as much as I do! Check out Brian's blog here!

 Finally get to meet Cheesie in person! Her fashion style has inspired so many people out there! And I really love her crop top! Drop by her blog here x

 Dropped by Audrey's booth. I can't help but think that she's super cute! It was nice meeting her twice in a month haha. Check out her blog here, and her cute little baby, Fighter!

 Met Stephanie and i just realised that she has a twin sister. .____. Anyway, I love her pinafore! Read her blog here!

 Bumped into my girl Richeen there! Haven't met her since forever, loving her outfit as usual ;P

 Hui Wen, founder of is here too! Love her dress and she was really friendly tho ;)

 Met someone who has a style which I can relate to here! Definitely loving her outfit, especially that beanie! Nice meeting you xx (if you're reading this)

 Well look who's here? It's the Malaysian Youtuber Dan Khoo! It's been a year since we last met at OMG 2012 lol.

Went to the WOW photobooth with Richeen and had fun posing lol.

Last but not least, thank you Churp Churp for organizing such an amazing event, and thank you everyone out there helping out for making ChurpOut2013 a huge success! I will definitely love attending events like this again x

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post x

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest 2013

Hey guys! Finally get to update my blog again. 1 more month to SPM and I should be studying but for you readers, I'll spend a little time here then! 

Went to the biggest Nuffnang Food Fest in Sunway Pyramid yesterday. In case you've never heard of it, it is Nuffnang's very first food fest and they're bringing in the best dishes in Malaysia. All you have to do is Tweet to eat! It's a whole new experience by updating your Twitter status in exchange for food! You know what that means? IT'S FREE GOOD FOOD!

 I'm at Chatime's booth!

Other than Tweeting, you can also like their Facebook page or Instagram about their booth in exchange for food.

Bumped into Audrey aka Four Feet Nine ! She's super cute I swear.

And also Bobo Stephanie ! So glad bumping into amazing people like them.

  Went to Royal Post Cafe's booth bc the desserts caught my attention!

 Look at those colours!

 The cheesecake tastes really good, especially the pastry below!

 However for the macarons, the taste was a little too sweet and I think it'll be better if they would reduce the amount of frosting in the middle and make sure the samples are all equally distributed.
The chocolate milk served by Royal Post Cafe was completely tasteless, I couldn't taste a single sweetness in it, which kinda disappointed me lol.

 Went to Nbrew to check out what's cooking since I saw smoke coming out from their booth. I was shocked to know that the ice-cream are actually liquid Nitrogen ice-cream!

 I've heard of liquid nitrogen ice-cream in chemistry class but I can't believe I actually had the opportunity to watch it live!

My ice-cream in a super tiny cone. The ice-cream might not taste as good as Haagen Dazs nor Baskin Robbins but it's definitely worth the try! The pastry was really crispy, love it!

Went downstairs for Ninja Joe's burgers, they're selling pork burgers and I have admit that it tastes really good! I've always heard of Ninja Joe but I didn't give it a try. Probably gonna walk into their store next time!

 The fact that it's in bite size makes me crave for more! The patty and the bacon makes such a good combination. For a burger lover like me, I'd love having more of it.

Crayon Burger was my next stop, which pretty much disappointed me.

I'm not sure if I came here too late (6.30 p.m.) or they really served burgers like this to us. The bun was extremely dry, the patty was tasteless and these are the only things found in the burger, nothing else, not even a drip of sauce.

 After such a long queue, I finally got to give myBurgerLab a try! Have been dying to try this since forever but I didn't have a chance. I was extremely happy that they're here in #NNFoodFest!

What makes myBurgerLab special? Definitely their charcoal buns!

 The fact that they have different menus for different sessions really amazed me!

 Finally got to eat after such a long queue!

 My portion of "Waterballoon". Beef patty topped with cheese, lychee, watermelon and their special sauce! I've never had burgers with fruits inside in my entire life, probably my first try. And surprisingly, it tastes amazing! The patty was cooked to perfection, topped with melted cheese, just the right taste!

 After my SPM, I'm definitely gonna drive all the way to Petaling Jaya for this!

 So glad for bumping into Nana here! Met her last week in Midvalley's Topshop Malaysia Autumn / Winter showcase, make sure you check out my previous post for more photos!

 Forever feeling like a shorty standing next to her :(

 Before leaving, spotted a booth with Macarons and Cupcakes. It was presented by Lifetime!

 I was shocked when I saw the MasterChef Australia logo and the fun part, the whole thing is edible, although I thought it was a paper at first lol! The dark chocolate Macaron was so good! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, blended well with the dark chocolate!

 This is my very first time attending a food fest, and I think this food fest was really successful! I really hope that I can attend more events organized by Nuffnang, and I'm also happy to be a part of Nuffnang.

That's all for this week's post. 
Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more x