Wednesday, June 18, 2014

High School Inspired

Hey loves! How has your week been so far? Mine was insanely hectic! College during weekdays, work during weekends. 4 assignments on the first day of college, I wasn't prepared for this -____-

My Instagram was disabled by Instagram for no reason. I was quite shocked and sad when I realise it was suspended. Even my blogshop was suspended, and all my effort went down the drain. But that's not gonna stop me from posting so I've started another account @hello_annee! Make sure you give me a follow, much appreciated :P

Did a collaboration with my sister for this post as we coincidently wore similar outfits lol. Follow her on Instagram too @j4neco_!

Credits to Samantha Lim and Sue Teng.


Jane Collins.

On me,
Blazer - Voir
White blouse - Unbranded
Tartan skirt - Online boutique
Buckle Boots - Hotannecold
Hologram backpack - Hotannecold
Choker - Hotannecold

On Jane, 
Crop Top - Vintage
Skirt - American Apparel
 Shoes - Online Boutique
Shades - Sungei Wang


Tartan skirts are always perfect to match with anything, from crop tops to t-shirts and even bustiers! I decided to do a high school inspired look for this post, styling my tartan skirt with my blazer (which I usually wear to work) I'm pretty aware that Malaysians don't actually dress like that to school, that's why I thought of doing it in a different way. How cool would it be if our uniforms actually look something like that? 

Putting on my buckle boots with white socks to complete the whole school look. Carried my hologram backpack as hologram is a neutral colour that goes well with any other colours. And of course, I am a huge hologram lover! My neck was really bare so I decided to fit a choker onto my neck and it gives a "badass" vibe to the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post, 
stay tuned for more  xx