Sunday, December 22, 2013


 Hey loves! How you doing? Christmas is coming soon and I can't be anymore excited! But sadly, holidays are ending really soon :(

Anyway, I finally met up with my girls for a photoshoot at Setia City Mall, as usual. Got myself a Canon 700D few days ago and this is my first time shooting with it. Words aren't enough to describe my love for this camera!

Photo credits to Samantha Lim x



 Crop Top - Hotannecold (Instagram)
Overalls - Hotannecold (Instagram)
Sneakers - Converse
Snapback - Online Boutique
Choker - Bangkok
Lipstick - Sephora


Finally got the chance to wear my new overalls! I pairs it with my yinyang crop top as I realize fitting crop tops and overalls are meant to be together. It shows a little skin but not too much, which is why I really like it! But take note, it must be a fitting crop top, not the loose crop tops! When choosing your overall, make sure its not baggy or else it'll make you look a little pudgy.

 This outfit is a combination of Grunge and urban, which I kinda fancy. Wore my Rogue Sephora for the very first time and I'm totally in love with it! Thanks to Nicole Avien for introducing this to me xx It makes my look stand out better than red lips, more grunge for my outfit!

For another way to style with Pinafore/Overalls/Dungarees, please visit my previous post here x
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beach & Beyond

Hey loves! I just came back from a vacation to Hatyai, Thailand on Wednesday so I didn't get to update my blog. Had so much good food there, and gained a lot of weight of course :P Got so much tanner too :((

Went to Port Dickson for a getaway on Thursday with the family. It was a spontaneous one-day trip and I was really excited! It's been years since I last been to Port Dickson. In my memory, that place was horrifying, filled with rubbish. But I was shocked to see how clean the beach was! The water was clear instead of brownish.

It rained in the afternoon and we were lucky that the rain stopped when we reached, and rained again when we left! 

And of course, how would I ever miss this opportunity to do a tiny shoot in the beach? 


YinYang Top - Hatyai, Thailand
Bikini - Bali
Shorts - Hatyai, Thailand
Oversized Denim Jacket - Hatyai, Thailand


My outfit seems to be a combination of all the new clothes that I bought from Hatyai lol. Decided to wear my bikini since I'm going to the beach. Wore the tank top as a bikini cover-up, which doesn't fully cover up my bikini! Wasn't supposed to wear denim to the beach but who cares anyway? High waist shorts can never go wrong, but the important thing is, make sure you get the right colour!

Oversized denim jackets are definitely a MUST NEED for everyone! They're not only fashionable, they actually go well with anything! I've been looking for this exact jacket high and low and I finally got it for a really good price in Hatyai! It gives you the Back-To-80's look, which I couldn't love more!

 Anyway, it was my first time shooting in the beach, wasn't really sure how I should pose! Since SPM ended, I will be able to blog more frequently now and I'm really excited for my upcoming posts, are you?

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