Friday, November 29, 2013

H&M Grand Opening @ Sunway Pyramid

 Hey loves, I'm back! Sorry for neglecting my blog for such a long time, one more subject to go and I'm officially done with SPM! There was a wound on my knee for more than 2 months and it hasn't fully recovered. I'm sorry if the bandage in the photos will annoy you, please do ignore it ;)

My friends and I went to H&M's grand opening in Sunway Pyramid yesterday. We reached there around 6.30 and we were one of the 100 person in the line!!

Photo credits to Samantha Lim x

Breakfast and water was provided, how cool is that?

Take a look at the crowd!

While waiting for the grand opening to start.

The grand opening started around 10.30 a.m. After waiting for 4 hours, I finally got my gift card of RM50!

My second gift card from H&M!

 The crowd was massive, but thank god I was the first one to enter the fitting room ;P I was kinda disappointed as I was expecting something better than this. The stuffs were almost the same as the other outlets, nothing really special caught my eye.

Met a few readers and friends that I haven't met since forever! It was nice meeting you guys x
 (If you're seeing this)




Sweater - H&M
Skort - Hotannecold (Instagram)
Mary Jane Platforms - Fashionvibes6 (Instagram)
Hologram Clutch - Hotannecold (Instagram)
Necklace - Nichii


Wore something different from my usual style this time. Pulled off my sweater to pair with the skort which I bought recently.  The sweater and the skort gives a classy feel on my look. Took me quite awhile to match into this outfit! 

Paired my outfit with my Mary Jane Wedges to give the high street fashion vibe. But sadly these babies are too small for me so I'm gonna sell them off soon. Make sure you check out my Instagram boutique Hotanecold!

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  1. Great look! Lovely blog!
    Following u hun<3

    1. Thank you so much love xx Omg I seen you in Nun Visitsak's photos! I followed you on Bloglovin, I love your blog <33

  2. Hey Anne, nice blog! I'd like to propose a collaboration to you with GlassesOnline - would you be interested? Drop me an e-mail at, or let me know where I can contact you. Thanks!