Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Silent Killer.

YinYang Beanie - Beeyinalicious Boutique
Camouflage top - Platinum, Bangkok
Cross print skater skirt - Platinum, Bangkok
Black platform heels - UNIF Clothing  Hellbound
Skull Studded clutch - Online Blogshop
Accessories - Lovisa, Local Store, Diva Accessories


It's been awhile since I last updated my blog! Received a few items which I purchased online a few days ago so I decided to style with them in this post. I realized that Camouflage goes really well with Burgundy red, a very strong contrast which enhances the Camouflage prints! As for the heels, I felt in love with them at first sight and they didn't disappoint me at all! Extremely good quality and it doesn't hurt my feet when I was wearing them! The heels and the platforms are high so it wouldn't strain the feet too much. And the best part: It looks really stylish! As for the Skull Studded clutch, the quality was better than what I expected and I love the fact that my iPad can easily fit into it!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more xx


  1. You can walk in those heels OMG. I now down to you anne the great! Btw loveeeee this look!

    1. Hahha still new on wearing heels, not really a fan of heels tho :S Thank you Viwern <33

  2. best blog post you've ever had !