Tuesday, June 25, 2013

People change, so does Fashion Sense.

It's a holiday today due to the terrible haze out there. As I'm not allowed to go out, so I decided to make a post about the changes of my fashion sense.

Have any of you ever wondered how I used to dress like? I looked through all my old photos and I couldn't find those I taken when I was a "lala". These photos were all taken between 15-17 years old. I used to think that plain tank tops, printed T-shirt with fonts are trendy. But now, they're all piled up in my room, waiting to get moldy lol. My fashion sense has changed a lot. Don't believe me? Continue reading.

This post is just to share the progress and changes on my fashion sense. All photos were adapted from my blog, Facebook and Instagram.

 This was taken when I was 15. I used to like this top alot as it was in Black & White. But I wore it twice and decided that I don't like it anymore so I chopped off the bottom part and turned it into a crop top!

I was really into printed tank tops and leggings. I wore leggings out really often those days as I thought they were convenient. I liked American Flag prints alot and I have no idea why.

And later on, I started tugging in my T-shirt into plain shorts and I called that fashion. It can be a normal T-shirt or a tank top. Picture was taken on Christmas 2011.

I was obsessed with the colour Red and I wore red literally every single day. And now, I have a huge pile of red clothes in my cupboard that I hardly wear anymore lol.

 I started falling in love with the colour Brown and I actually liked Vintage. Brown was my favourite colour and I was really into Oxford Shoes those days. I've looked for the exact design I wanted but I couldn't find them in Malaysia. Instead, I went to Taiwan and finally got myself a pair.

I was really obsessed with Tiger prints and I still love them now. I wore my oxford shoes out really often as I thought brown would go well with any colours.

 I started getting into Hipster Fashion and I was really into Crop Tops, Vans and high socks.

I turned into a freaking Hipster when I was 16. I started doing mix and match with prints, shorts, denims and hats. I started to get interested in DIY shorts. This leopard printed shorts is my very first DIY.

Aztec and Tribal prints were trending like mad last year. I started buying Male's clothes insdead of the Female's. I find oversized-tees comfortable and they are long enough to cover your ass when you're wearing leggings haha. I started playing around with accessories too.

I started going for neon colours as I find them striking and catchy. Matched my Zara neon pink shorts with a male tank top from Cotton On. The amount of accessories started increasing and I fell in love with spikes. The hipster trend is still slowing inside my blood after all.

When I turned 17, my passion for fashion grew even more. I started styling myself and took dressing up seriously. I present myself in a way that I find comfortable yet stylish. I no longer wear only tank tops and shorts. Accessories are compulsory and I finally found myself falling for Grunge fashion. Not fully grunge, maybe a mixture of Punk, Grunge and Hipster.

My love for spikes grew even more and I just couldn't leave the house without having a single touch of spikes on me. Denims was the popular hit and I freaking love corsets. I know I don't have a hot body but, you don't have to have a perfect body to look fashionable anyway.

Grunge fashion has finally captured my heart and I am still in love with it. I no longer like vintage, or brown. Black has turned into one of my favourite colours. I finally find myself devouring into Grunge fashion and I think that it suits my style, too.

Mix and Match is a MUST for all of my outfits now. I find myself liking prints, symbols, patterns. I hardly wear something simple no matter where I go. I couldn't leave the house without putting on accessories. I like using red lipstick and a little eyeliner to enhance my features, and to add on a little colour on my pale face.

I have to admit that my fashion sense changed pretty much, and fashion has played a very important role in my life. I dress up and style myself, not only to express myself, but to impress the others too. As a fashion blogger now, I hardly go out looking normal or simple. The first impression is very important to everyone, and I hope my first impression to other people would be "Stylish". Afterall, I'm a Fashion blogger ;P


 Thank you for reading, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions,
 opinions or question. Stay tuned for more xx


  1. Seriously , I love all your clothes and of cause your fashion taste !

    1. Thank you so much Dorcas! Your comment means so much to me, gives me a bigger reason to blog more xx Thank you for reading!

  2. I used to dress just like that as well! I would think that I'd be super hip with my graphic tee tucked into my shorts, with weird sneaker flats. I was extremely embarrassing back then. Leggings under denim skirts *cringe*
    Anywho, this is a pretty cool post! I like the concept of the style transformation. Yay for grunge <3

    1. OMG YES I USED TO WEAR LEGGINGS UNDER DENIM SKIRTS TOO but I couldn't find those pictures anymore. I can't stop facepalming when I was searching for the old photos, like how did I even dress like that haha.
      Thank you so much for the comment Rachel <33