Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses Review

Have you ever wondered which part of our face is the easiest to attract a person's attention? Let me tell you now, IT'S THE EYES! Eyes are known as "The Windows of the Soul" and no one's eyes are the same.  For an Asian like me, I've always wanted blue or hazel eyes. Thanks to My Lens House ( Facebook Page ), my problems are all solved! And of course, SAY GOODBYE TO SMALL EYES!

Fynale Classic is a sub-brand from Fynale Contact Lenses which is newly launched. Fynale Classic is 100% from Korea and is based in Malaysia! Few days ago, I just received my pair of Fynale Classic Dreamy from My Lens House and I'm gonna share this beauty with my readers now!

Contact lenses were wrapped nicely with bubble wraps to prevent breakage, but they will replace another pair for you if there's any breakage. They also provided free contact lenses casing for customers, how thoughtful!

 Fynale Classic Dreamy Brown 00/00

Honestly, it's been 3 years since I last had contact lenses on. Couldn't really find a pair of contacts which I like a lot yet reliable. But few weeks ago, I stumbled by on Fynale Classic and finally got myself a pair! 

 Fynale Classic Dreamy Brown (14.5mm)

Fynale Classic contact lenses are extremelty comfortable and most of all, they make my eyes sparkle! And the most important thing, THEY MATCH PERFECTLY WITH ANY OF MY OUTFITS!

Wearing my Feather tank top from Nichii and Feather earings from Diva!

 Before and after wearing Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses!

 Left eye wearing Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses, right eye without.

 Close up picture of me wearing Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses.

 Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses goes well with grunge style too! Like HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Under indoor lighting.

 With flash!

 Top without flash. Bottom with flash.

 Wearing my camo jacket and ribcage tank top!

They look really good under the sunlight and I cannot lie.

 My eyes are literally sparking and I feel like a vampire now ;P

I can even look good in school uniforms after wearing Fynale Classic Dreamy Lenses!

Being able to have sparkling eyes can totally boost up our confidence! With the power of contact lenses, you can even go out without putting make up on. The enlargement effect is up to 16mm to 18mm, so SAY GOODBYE TO SMALL AND UGLY EYES!

GOOD NEWS! They are having promotions now, RM31 when you purchase a pair and RM40 when you purchase 2 pairs WHICH IS RM20 PER PAIR! Promotions end on 31st May so get your pair of Fynale Classic Lenses now!

For more information, please visit their Facebook page. You can also visit their blog and also follow them on instagram @fynalelensmalaysia.

 Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more x


  1. you mean small eyes are ugly? wow. thanks.

    1. I'm sorry but I have never mentioned the statement above. Huge and pretty eyes clearly means by the orbital and the pupil of the eye. No hard feelings, thank you x