Sunday, May 19, 2013

10th Markets @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Yesterday, Markets - A Fashion and Food Bazaar was held at Jaya One. Honestly, I've been living for 17 years and I haven't even been to a Bazaar before so I was really excited that I had this great opportunity to drop by at Markets with Richeen!

This was the 10th Markets event and from what I heard, it was the best yet improved bazaar! Besides of fashion, they added in beauty products, food and drinks! The whole event was a blast, except for the fact that the weather was killing. Other than unique pieces, second-handed pieces were also sold at a very reasonable price!

 The amount of retro shades for sale! Kinda regret for not buying tho.

The Hitz.Fm Crew! They had a few performance there which totally entertained the crowd!

 The authentic Malaysian brand - PESTLE & MORTAR
Music was also played throughout the whole event and these crews were dancing like nobody's business which totally spiced up the whole event!

The design is a W O W. And now blogging about it makes me regret for not getting them.

Wore my hat to the bazaar but I was sweating like mad. Didn't expect the weather to be that hot!

And these are the only things that I got from the bazaar :( The badges are so cute I just can't resist myself from buying them! Got them from Peep Boutique's lot!

After Markets, we decided to go to Paradigm Mall to chill. It's a really nice place to chill and have food, but it wouldn't be a mall where I'd spend time shopping in. So instead, we went looking for places to take pictures. But I was really disappointed that there wasn't any nice locations for pictures.

Hat - H&M
 Galaxy top - Bangkok
Maxi skirt - Platinum, Bangkok
Studded Denim Vest - DIY 
Accessories - Vincci

My very first time wearing a Maxi skirt for outing and it turned out looking really good! Would pair them with a pair of creepers instead, if only I have one :( Wore a galaxy top to brighten up the outfit. Galaxy prints look good no matter what you pair them with!

 And of course, The gorgeous Richeen x

Photos taken by Richeen Siew x 

Next blog post - Review for Fynale Contact Lenses. Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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