Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lost In The Woods

I'm back! Finally did a photoshoot with Xinnie after so many weeks of postponing! It was amazing to actually get to shoot with her and catch up with her after leaving high school to college. And I realised how different can pictures turn out to be when they're taken by different photographers! Can't wait for more shoots together with her xx

And of course, please please please give her a follow on Instagram @xinnieisthename!

Photography by Xinnie.

Leather jacket - Online boutique
Tropical Bustier - Bangkok
Zara skort - @hotannecold (doesn't exist anymore lol)
Buckle boots - Online boutique
Accessories - Diva Accessories & Lovisa


This is definitely one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. I love how the design of the bustier gives an extra uniqueness compared to the usual bustiers you see in stores. Same goes to the usual bustiers, you can also match and style it with the same look. Putting on a leather jacket makes the whole outfit more rugged. Mixing your outfit with different clothing textures also gives your outfit an enhancement!

The best thing about wearing a bustier is that it doesn't only brings out the feminine side of you, it also simple and easy to style with! You can either wear it out for a date, to college or even to special events! Matching it with denim shorts, boyfriend jeans or a skater skirt and you're ready to go!

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