Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Hey loves, how has your week been? As I mentioned in all my social medias, I went to Koh Lipe in Thailand for a vacation this early June. Koh Lipe is an island located nearby to Langkawi. 

We drove all the way up to Thailand's dock and we stayed overnight at a resort called The Lake Terrace Resort. The resort is surrounded by a lake, but that's not the main point of my post lol.

We took a 2-hour speed boat trip to reach Koh Lipe. The boat made all of us drowsy and most of the passengers puked (Not me). So if you were to take the boat there next time, try sitting at the side and bring plastic bags just in case. 

 The hotel that I stayed was called Bundhaya Resort. Couldn't really remember the exact rate but it was around 360/night.

This was the resort that we lived in. The whole resort was made out of wood, and it was pretty spacious. There were lazy chairs outside but the amount of mosquitos out there was sick.

There are 3 types of beaches in Koh Lipe: Sunset beach, Sunrise beach and Pattaya beach. Our resort was facing Pattaya beach so we didn't get to see sunrises nor sunsets.

Did a short bikini photoshoot with Jane since we haven't been to a beach for quite some time. The seawater was really clear and I'm actually in love with the strong waves and breeze there.

 My family portrait is cooler than yours ;P

We didn't get to do any water sports or snorkelling as most of them were closed due to the strong waves. So we practically spent 3 days here on the beach.

They offered buffet style breakfast and I was quite impressed with the amount of food they were serving.

 First round, pancakes drizzled with chocolate, sunny side up and pork bacon

 Second round, pork bacon, sunny side up, chicken ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

I was so full that I skipped lunch lol. After breakfast, we went to the beach again. Skip the photoshooting, we dipped ourselves into the sea this time.

 We walked all the way to the sunrise beach after lunch.

The Walking Street. This is where all the grocery and restaurants are gathered.

After half a 20-30 minute walk, we're finally here.

The night life there wasn't as good as I expected. People there don't really drink or go to pubs lol.

 This was the only bar there, and it was kinda empty.

 Take my advice, try boarding a larger speedboat there even though it costs slightly more. You will save up a lot of time travelling on the sea and you save up puking on the boat.

And of course, bring along mosquito repellent when you go, you'll thank me one day.

Thank you for reading, 
hope you liked it xx


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    1. Remind me why you're an anon again? BECAUSE YOURE A FUCKING LOSER. Not sure if you're dumb or what, it's my camera but does it mean that I'm taking pictures? And who are you to judge me as an anon? Use your fucking brain, if you have one. You're gonna be nasty? I'm not gonna be nice too. If you really hate me this much, please fuck off bc I don't need you here anyway.

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    If eyesore to you then dont see lor macha

  3. To that other anon, bear in mind not to judge someone on something they cant alter. Plus, there is nothing wrong to wear a bikini no matter what size you are. Anne is beautiful unlike your heart.

  4. you have a lovely body omg tf is wrong with that anon! I legitimately opened up the comment box just to say how much I love your body shape. x

  5. Photos look good to me especially the bikinis! I go to Lipe next week and am really looking forward to it.

  6. Anne has no beautiful heart. wake up people.