Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wild Child.







 Tank Top - Asiatique, Bangkok
Denim Vest - DIY
Leather Shorts - HnM
Creepers - Online boutique
YinYang necklace - Sungei Wang


Hey there xx Sorry for the lack of updates due to my SPM trial exams. It has finally come to the last week of exams,so I decided to do another outfit post which I haven't done in awhile.

Wore something simple today as I wanted to use "Black" as the theme of my outfit. Wore my rib cage tank top as I haven't worn it for a very long time. Also, I really love the cut-offs of it, which makes it even unique compared to other tank tops! But instead of fully black, I pair my tank top with a denim vest to tone up my outfit. I paired a creepers to my look to add a hint of grunge into my outfit. Like they say, creepers will never go wrong with anything! As I was in a rush, I forgotten to bring along my accessories, which explains why there were none of them on me (except for the YinYang necklace).

I might not be able to update my blog every week as SPM is around the corner. But still, I'll be updating my Instagram more frequently, so make sure you follow me on Intagram @hello_anneee ;P

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for the next update xx


  1. Hey may I know where can I get those ripped leggings? I love your style btw its rare to see people from Malaysia dress like that

  2. Hey there! I ripped them by myself using a black sheer tight and a pair of scissors x You can try ripping it by yourself too ;) Omg thank you so much <33

  3. you're not a slut, why are you trying so hard to be a hipster-swagfag

    1. First of all, who are you to judge me as an anon? If you're gonna judge, get off anon and show yourself.
      Secondly, it's my blog and I'm here to show my personal fashion sense. If you have a problem with it, get the hell out of my blog, you're not welcomed if you're a hater anyway.
      Thirdly, your opinion OBVIOUSLY doesn't matter so you can shove your opinion right back to yourself.
      Last but not least, so what if I'm a hipster? It's non of your business anyway, Anonymous.

    2. Slut (s-lut)
      One who engages in sexual activities constantly with large number of people. Also one who is sexually active or sexually promiscuous.

      Not someone who has a great sense of style or dress like a hipster.
      You have a brain so use it. I'm not even sure if you have one after seeing your comment. fuck off Anne's blog.

    3. Hi Anon-White-Knight, i did say she's not a slut. Learn to read ;)

    4. Oh i am not a hater, people that use the word ''hater'' are stupid.
      Why can't i judge you as an anon? You don't know me anyway. Why are you getting so upset? I just asked you a question. Calm down little girl.
      Oh it matters, stop lying to yourself.
      K hippyswagfag