Friday, April 19, 2013

Galaxy on Stripes

Went to Pavillion to chill with Baby Jane yesterday. It's been awhile since I last went to KL for shopping bc I was really busy with school and exams are around the corner! As it was a Thursday (school day for me), the crowd there was lesser than I expected!

In Pavillion, other than shopping for clothes, the second thing that I really like to do, EAT, EAT, EAT AND EAT! There's a really huge variety of food which I really enjoy all the time!

Had Hui Lau Shan aka Mango Paradise as dessert after my lunch. To be really honest, it's my first time having it and it wasn't as good as I expected.

The pictures seem to make the portion look really big but when it was served to my table, my eyes literally popped out, kinda overpriced for such a small portion. The mangoes were really ripe and it turned out to be a little too moist, not really preferable. But among all of the mangoes, I like the mango gelate the most as it's cooling and serves really fine with the mango.

Galaxy top - Platinum, Bangkok
Tight skirt - Cotton On
Leather Vest - Vintage
Studded leather bag - Platinum, Bangkok

Black and white stripes are finally back in trend! I used to like stripes a lot but it was out of trend for quite some time and now it's finally back! People tend to think that black and white stripes looks alot like what people wear in prison but I think it's trendy. (A small tip for my readers, try to buy stripes that goes vertically, makes you look thinner!) Stripes also make your outfit look casual which you can wear it anytime, anywhere!

I tried matching my striped skirt with a plain top but then I tried matching it with a Galaxy top and see how it goes, it turned out to be something different! Black and white are usually considered as "Dull Colours" but the colour of the galaxy totally enhanced everything! Although galaxy was kinda out of trend but I think that as long as it looks good, you don't have to always follow the trend!

That's all for today, thank you for reading! x

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