Friday, March 22, 2013

Bangkok Trip.

SAWATDEEKAAAAAAAH! Well I just came back from Bangkok few days ago and that place is PLAIN AWESOME! People have been telling me that Bangkok aka Fashion Paradise. You know what? IT'S SO DAMN TRUE.

Chilled in Starbucks before departure bc I reached 3 hours earlier before the departure.

Caramel Frapp, my favorite

 Crop top - Topshop
Leather shorts - H&M
Sneakers - Converse
Camouflage oversized coat - Thrift store
Backpack - Nike

Off to the plane! 

After 2 hours flight, FINALLY WE REACHED BANGKOK!

The biggest difference between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur is that in Bangkok, next to the streets are all filled with shop lots, whereas in Kuala Lumpur, trees are the main things you'll see.

After checking in, we decided to go to one of the famous places in Bangkok, Asiatique.



Looking at the Ferris Wheel reminds me of my trip to Taiwan, missed those days! After having Thai food, I happen to see a large queue. PEOPLE WERE QUEUING UP FOR MOCHI ICE-CREAM!


We got ourselves Yogurt flavor and Blueberry flavor Mochi Ice-cream. Each for 25 Baht! The Mochi didn't really cover the taste of the Ice-cream so I actually like it alot!


The night view in Asiatique is fetch! A romantic place to hangout too ;P

There are quite a number of shop lots there! But in my opinion, unless you found something that you find unique and interesting, or else don't get it from there. You can get them for a wayyyyyy cheaper price in Chatuchak Market! (will introduce later)


Woke up early to pay the famous Floating Market a visit. It's my first time coming to Bangkok, so there are places where I have to go. Like they say, "If you never come to Floating Market, it means that you've never come to Bangkok."

Floating Market.
 There are people selling traditional Thailand craft works and food on the boat.

There was only one lady rowing the whole boat and there were 8 of us in the boat. How tiring is that! But you can also choose to rent the motorboat. But ehem, ours more eco-friendly what ;P

We stopped by at the souvenir shop for a few minutes. Saw people making Coconut Sugar.

Coconut sugar
Well I was really curious so I went to "play" with it ;D

After the Floating Market, Finally it's shopping time! Went to Platinum Fashion Mall to shop. 

Platinum Mall

THIS PLACE IS HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And crowded of course. There are 5 floors for you to shop. There are 2 buildings, one is the older mall and one is the newly renovated mall. Go to the older mall, YOU WILL REGRET NOTHING.

The clothing, shoes, bags, accessories there MAKES YOU GO CRAY.The price range is mostly around 100-500 Baht. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets! I went there on the 4th day again bc one day is definitely not enough for you to finish the whole building!

After all the shopping, we decided to go to Central World Mall to chill. This mall is like a 1Utama-sized Pavillion! SO FREAKING HUGE AND PRETTY!

Outside of Central World Mall.
Bangkok City during the night.

It was a Saturday, so we decided to shop @ Chatuchak Market as it's only open on weekends.

 Wearing my Skull top which I got from Platinum Mall. Necklace from the stalls around the streets and it only costs 150 Baht!

Didn't really take much pictures from Chatuchak Market bc I was busy doing shopping. Chatuchak Market is so huge that I think that it's the size of 2-3 Football fields! PICTURE IT BY YOURSELF lol. The clothes there are around 100-300 Baht. They usually sell it in wholesale so buy more discount more!

My favorite traditional ice-cream in Thailand has to be their coconut ice-cream! This only costs 30Baht! I'm still craving for it now :'(

Coconut Ice-cream
Not only shopping, the food there is raddddddd! If you don't gain weight when you're in Bangkok, your whole trip is a lie lol.

I tried the one at the bottom right, aka Squid Egg. They added dashes of traditional sour sauce, PERFECT. It only costs 60 Baht!

Next, we went to China Town to have dinner. Seems like every country has their own China Town :S

China Town
Sweat like a maniac there! Busy hunting for food lol. China Town is probably famous for it's seafood and Bird Nest but I didn't try both. I ate duck noodles instead ;P


First of all, PLEASE DON'T GO TO MBK MALL. Nothing to shop at all lol DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME THERE!

After leaving MBK Mall *shaking my head*, we walked across the overhead bridge and linked to Siam Centre and Siam Paragon.

Siam Paragon

The minute I stepped into Siam Centre, I saw really cute stuffs there! Pretty sure that you won't get to find these in Malaysia's shopping malls lol.

And the hilarious thing is, people actually queue up for the sake of dessert or chocolate, so I didn't get to try any of the desserts there :(

The amount of people in Siam Paragon made me wanna pop my eyes out. The food court and the food session is W O W.

They have 4D IMAX Theater at the Lower Ground! 

Siam Paragon and Siam Centre are mostly selling branded stuffs. If you're Malaysian, the branded clothing in Bangkok is actually more expensive than the ones in Malaysia :O

And lastly, I'm actually quite satisfied with the clothes I bought, although I expected for more :S Everything here is from Platinum Mall and Chatuchak Market.

Bangkok is a place that I would definitely want to go for a second or third time! But if you're not a shopping person, maybe you can try going to the Safaris, go for Thai Massages or enjoy the food there! I really hope that I'll get to go there for another shopping rave soon. 

Thank you for reading my blog, stay tuned for more updates x

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