Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Went to Setia City Mall to chill with the girls on Sunday. Honestly, Setia City Mall is A FREAKING BORING PLACE for me as it's pretty near to my place. Instead of shopping, we did "Photo Shooting".
 Here's my very first Oversized Camo jacket and I've been searching for it since forever.

Camo Jacket aka Camouflage Jacket from an I-don't-know-the-name outlet. Fyi, Camo Jackets are available in Topshop but it costs up to 370++ which is W O A H. I love this jacket alot but the fact that we live in a country without seasons so you'll be sweating like hell if you're wearing it under the hot sun.

 We pretty much messed around with H&M as this shop is crowded and nobody will bother to look at us.

My outfit of the day.

Dark-red coloured Beanie from H&M.

Chilling with my Beanie lol hi.

 Rings from Vincci and Diva. Spiked Bracelet from Forever 21.

 Black Ankle Boots from i-Socks.

At first I was wondering what should I match with my Camouflage Jacket and I chosen the Skeleton Rib top from i-Socks, shorts from H&M and DIY ripped tights to make the theme suitable.

My dip-dye is still visible under the sun, but the good thing is it doesn't really look obvious when I'm in uniform ;P

 I swear my dip-dye looked better before school reopened. Why aren't we allowed to dye our hair to school WHYYYYY. It's not like it affects our studies or what right lol.

 Pictures taken by Samantha Lim at Setia City Park (The park outside Setia City Mall)


We've Got $wAg ;P

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