Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sense Of Rebel

Photography by Richeen Siew
Check out her blog HERE

Camouflage Jacket - Thrift store
Muscle tee - H&M
Studded Leather bag - Platinum, Bangkok
Spiked flats - Platinum, Bangkok
Accessories - Diva


Went back to Hin Hua to help out with the English Club as there was this Inter-school Choral Speaking competition. Met up with my girl, Richeen and both of us spent the whole day together. Being together with her always makes my day, we have so much in common that words can't even describe how. 

Both of us planned on wearing matching outfits this time since we both have Camouflage jackets. We chilled at Setia City Mall as it's like the best shopping mall in Klang lol. As usual, we went to the huge Setia Field for photography sessions. 

Met Chernyse, Samantha and Melissa while wandering around the mall!

Last but not least

Looking forward to our next outing together, love you to bits bby x

Thank you for reading! Bye xx

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